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Open Letter of Solidarity to Reverend Canon Marc Andre

Aug 14, 2022 | Local | 0 comments

28th July 2022

Dear Rev Canon Marc Andre,

On behalf of the Executive Council of the Soċjetà Maltija Għal Ċiviltà Nisranija – Pro Malta Christiana, I wish to express my appreciation for the timely reminder you posted recently on social media commemorating St. Isaac Jogues and the other brave Canadian martyrs who were murdered, fulfilling Our Blessed Lord’s commandment to spread the Gospel to the indigenous people of Canada.

The totally disproportionate and frenzied reaction by so-called Maltese Catholics and the local leftist-liberal media has only served to show the blind ignorance of these parties in relation to the essence of the true, Catholic religion, which by definition is apostolic.

The banal and utterly intemperate attacks against you in the social and print media are indicative of the current climate of persecution in both the local Church and State of all those faithful to the traditional Magisterium of our Church are forced to endure.

It seems that unless we make endless and repeated mea culpas, while maintaining silence on the worldwide persecution the Church of God for over 2,000 years, the liberal elements in the local Church will never be satisfied.

Such is their tendentious understanding of “justice” and “truth”.

You have my permission to spread and publish this message of solidarity and/or parts thereof on any communications medium you deem fit.

Meanwhile, with the expression of my highest consideration, I remain,

In Christo Domino

Philip Beattie
President of the Executive Council
Soċjetà Maltija Għal Ċiviltà Nisranija – Pro Malta Christiana


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