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2022: Where Is Malta Heading?

Mar 18, 2022 | Local | 0 comments

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Aid the Counter-Revolution in Malta

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Pro Malta Christiana Appeals to Faithful Catholics

The aggression against Malta’s Christian cultural identity, our society, the traditional Maltese family and human life in recent years has reached unimaginable proportions in a country with a two-thousand-year-old tradition of Christianity. Over a relatively short ten-year period, Maltese and Gozitan Catholics have had to endure:

  • The destruction of the indissoluble bond of marriage through divorce.
  • The introduction of same sex so-called marriage.
  • Human embryo freezing, the abortive so-called morning after pill, the adoption of children by same-sex couples.
  • Mass indoctrination of children through gender ideology, and the introduction of the anti-natural and anti-scientific concept that persons can choose their own gender after birth.
  • The removal of anti-blasphemy laws, making it legal to publicly vilify God and the saints.
  • An “Equality Bill” currently being debated in parliament, which threatens freedom of speech and religious expression.
  • The persecution of Catholic priests who cleave to the integrity of the Catholic faith, via tyrannical so-called hate speech legislation.

All of this in the name of “civil liberties”, “progress” and “modern Malta”. In the economic sphere, we have had to swallow a “financialized” economy which creates profits without producing anything, and which is based on speculative financial services, money laundering, and a culture of irresponsibly high levels of debt. Additionally, our taxation regime promotes legalized tax evasion with tax revenues stolen from foreign countries where they are rightfully due. This artificial economy has fueled a construction boom on the backs of cheap imported workers to the detriment of local wage levels and our quality of life.

Who Are Those Responsible for the Destruction of Maltese Society?

Those responsible for these abominations include the local liberal media journalists, the elected politicians within the parties represented in our Parliament, practically all of whom have embraced liberal-leftist principles. The European Union for its part, imposes anti-Christian and secularist “values” contrary to our faith and traditions, and is increasingly threatening what’s left of Malta’s sovereignty. It is aided and abetted by certain local and foreign NGOs, all intent on taking our country down the abyss to a Tower of Babel based on chaos, confusion, and moral relativism, where what once was right is now wrong and vice versa.

Abortion, Euthanasia and Narcotics: The Latest Attacks Against Catholic Malta

More recently, socialist Prime Minister Robert Abela was reported (The Times, 17 January 2021) as expressing himself in favour of discussion on the introduction of euthanasia, whilst PD-AD “pro-life” MP Marlene Farrugia presented, on the 12 May last year, a private member’s bill to decriminalize abortion, which effectively proposes the slaughter of innocent children within their mothers’ wombs with legal impunity. And now, Roberta Metsola, the recently elected “Catholic” Maltese EU Parliament president, shamefully makes a U-turn on abortion, and promises to promote so-called abortion rights. Not even the most vulnerable, the aged, the sick, those requiring palliative care and unborn babies are safe in “Modern Cosmopolitan Malta” and the “Europe of Values”. Naturally, to further undermine the family, Malta has now legalized marijuana production and consumption for “recreational” purposes, despite the serious objections raised by over fifty local organizations. Unsurprisingly, there is even speculation that psychedelic drugs are next, since economic growth and tax revenues take precedence over morality and common sense in this country.

The Maltese Society for Christian Civilisation – Pro Malta Christiana draws the attention of Maltese and Gozitan Catholics to these truths:

  1. The fundamental problem is not political, social or economic, but is doctrinal, and hence religious and moral in nature.
  2. What is at stake is our cultural and religious identity and freedoms and, consequently, the salvation of souls, no more, no less.
  3. “We are moving toward a dictatorship of relativism which does not recognize anything as certain or absolute and which has as its highest goal one’s own ego and one’s own desires.” (Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger – later Pope Benedict XVI – Homily for the Mass “Pro Eligendo Romano Pontifice”, April 18, 2005).
  4. This dictatorship of relativism which threatens our country, is moving Malta in a dangerous secularist and multicultural direction where objective Truth will count for nothing.

Moral Relativism: The Ideological Basis for Secularism and Multiculturalism

The proponents of the secularist and multicultural agendas in Malta are undermining the very foundations of our society. Their agenda was condemned in the strongest terms by Pope Pius XII, during his address to Italy’s Catholic Action on October 12, 1952 with these words:

“And behold now the attempt to build the structure of the world on foundations which we do not hesitate to indicate as the main causes of the threat that hangs over humanity: economy without God, law without God, politics without God”.

Pope Paul VI has also made clear that:

“Catholicism, by virtue of its hierarchical and sacramental institution can never accept any form of secularization” – Address to the Congregation of the Secretariat for Non-Believers, 18 March, 1971

With multiculturalism, the errors of relativism have become institutionalized. With multiculturalism, all cultures, traditions, institutions and religions are placed on the same level, as if they were equally valid, acceptable and compatible, even if, in reality, they are not. Thus, multiculturalism undermines the Catholic concepts of absolute truth and of the common good. Malta’s common good requires Christian Civilization according to the words of Pope St. Pius X: “… since there can be no true civilization without a moral civilization, and a moral civilization cannot exist without the true [Catholic] religion” (Apostolic Letter Notre Charge Apostolique, 25 August, 1910).

Malta 2022: Tower of Babel or Christian Civilization?

Catholics in Malta and Gozo face a clear choice: either do nothing and accept with resignation the moral and spiritual destruction of our country, one that is tending towards a relativistic Tower of Babel, or resist publicly the current trends and combat the spiritual battle in defence of Christian Civilisation through prayer and public action. We hope and pray they will opt for the second choice in large numbers. Pro Malta Christiana appeals to our Christian population to defend the legacy left by St. Paul to our islands, confident in the promise made by the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima in 1917: “In the End my Immaculate Heart will Triumph”.

The Executive Council of the Maltese Society for Christian Civilisation – Pro Malta Christiana

20 February 2022, Solemnity of Saints Francisco and Jacinto Marto

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